Meso Needles

Meso Relle Meso-relle ® needles are disposable hypodermic needles, specific for use in mesotherapy and aesthetic medicine.  Painless multiple sharpening is ideal for optimizing penetration. They are sterilized with Ethylene Oxide.

They are of 4mm length, allowing for a precise control of the injection depth and minimizing  the pain in the procedure.

They are available in 32G (0.26mm) in different lengths: 4mm – 6mm – 12mm.

Sterile, practical and functional single-use devices are made up of meso-relle ® multiniectors with meso-relle ® needles already applied. Both linear and circular are available with Luer cone needles of different diameters.


18G*70mm 50 pcs/Box
23G*50mm 50 pcs/Box
25G*50mm 50 pcs/Box
27G*40mm 50 pcs/Box
  • Traditionally, dermal fillers have been injected using needles. When using a needle, the sharp tip of the needle penetrates through the skin and down to the depth where the filler is injected. This can cause significant bruising or swelling, and at worst, intravascular injection (injection of filler into the artery or vein, which can cause serious complications).
  • Cannula, being blunt, are less likely to pass into a vein or artery, and therefore cause less bruising or swelling and tend to avoid intravascular injection. Instead, the blunt tip tends to push veins or arteries aside as they are passed through the tissues
  • A needle is required to make an entry point for the cannula that just passes through the skin. The cannula is then used to pass through the entry point to the areas beneath the skin. The blunt tipped cannula can re-enter the same entry point again without having to hurt the patient with another needle puncture.
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